The Great Word At Last (Winter 2012)

An atlas (The Great World Atlas) repurposed as a collection of black-out love poems. For the exterior, I reversed the book’s cover to reveal the original pastedown and refitted the pages into a new book cloth spine.

Front Cover (Back Similar)

Front Cover (Back Similar)

Title Page

Title Page

"Paradise is / the world itself..."

“Paradise is / the world itself…”

"Helio of Man" and "Thread of Song"

“Helio of Man” and “Thread of Song”

"Religions of Two"

“Religions of Two”

"Here Belongs" and "What the Word Sings"

“Here Belongs” and “What the Word Sings”


spectaclespectaclespectacle (Fall 2012)

A coptic-stitched 3D spectacle, juxtaposing “found” 3D images with a fragmented poem. The 3D glasses used to view the images serve as the book’s removable wrapper.

Front Cover with Packaging

Front Cover with Packaging

Interior; 3D Glasses "Band" Removed

Interior; 3D Glasses “Wrapper” Removed


Decoy (Fall 2012)

Inspired by fishing lure and other flashy distractions, “Decoy” is a blank-page book sewn with rolled-up dictionary pages as its “tapes.”

Decoy (Fall 2012)

Front of Book

Aerial View

Aerial View

Fanned Open

Fanned Open


Morphs (Fall 2010)

A black-out text of selected scenes and stories in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with the purpose of illuminating, enlivening, and scandalizing what originally was there.



The Colour Out of Space (Fall 2010)

For this project, I typeset the text of H. P. Lovecraft’s short story “The Colour out of Space” via typewriter on hand-washed pages, illuminated the text with calligraphy and paper-cut illustrations, and finally bound the signatures through the “sewing through the fold” technique into a redesigned hardcover .


Interior I

Interior II

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